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From The Soho News-

Klaus Nomi: "I look better with makeup. sometimes I don't even wear great clothes but I look good - anything looks good - with black lipstick. I highlight my face to make everything look more intense. The focal part is the black lipstick. Clothes without makeup is like a cake without topping. I just want to look beautiful."

The glitterati packed Hurrah for a performance by Klaus Nomi, the colorful no-wave castrato and scenester, who looks like he just dropped in from another galaxy, what with his purple lipstick, green eyeshadow, vinyl tuxedo and trendsetting space age haircut. Klaus falsettoed his way through inspired cover versions of "Falling in Love Again" and "Lightning Strikes" and "The Twist" as well as the customary operatic arias.


As much of a fiasco as "Mr Mike's Mondo Video" was, it did launch the career of at least one alumnus - avant-guard opera singer Klaus Nomi. A former opera-house usher from West Berlin, Nomi has since appeareeon Saturday Night Live with David Bowie ("He's fabulous - he gives me all th efreedom I need to be creative"), and hopes to release a single - his riveting rendition of the aria from Saint-Saen's Samson and Delilah.

Nomi has been performing in New York for just over a year; warbling everything from Marlene Dietrich's "Falling in Love Again" to "Lightning Strikes, the old Lou Christie hit, over a pre-recorded backup. Decked out day and night in white face makeup, magenta lipstick, post-Kabuki hairdo and a wildly Venusian wardrobe, he's an out-of-towner's nightmare; but when he plays rock clubs like Hurrah or Max's Kansas City they're inevitably packed.

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