Klaus Nomi article - PEOPLE MAGAZINE

from PEOPLE circa 1980

Five-foor two and hair of blue

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the concert hall, along comes Klaus Nomi. Not that the German-born messo-soprano of indeterminate age means to be shocking. It's just that anybody who walks through the streets of Manhatten with waxed blue hair, jet black lipstick and clothes secured from a Vincert Price garage sale isn't canvasing for the Salvation Army. Yet, put Nomi on the stage of New York's The Rock Lounge (where he will appear April 15), and his perverse persona falls into plac. Influenced by Elvis Presley, Maria Callas and Buck Rogets, a cosmic hybrid of crass pop and classical opera, his music is among the most revolutionary in America today. Its purpose, explains Nomi, "is to make the bizarre familiar and vice versa - like finding yourself doing the twist in the Twilight Zone and suddenly feeling right at home."

Klaus Nomi isn't strange. How else would one dress for Twisting in the Twilight Zone?

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